We take into account many different variables, which we then enter into our software system and it generates a price for us. Some of these factors are – location, market conditions, property attributes (area, access, condition), and of course other market comparisons (i.e., what other similar properties have sold for). We must also take into account our specific investment criteria. We are a business and we need to make money on our deals, which means that we need to buy properties at the right price.

All of our offers are Net to Seller. This means that the amount we’re offering is the net amount in your pocket. There are no hidden fees, closing costs, commissions, or anything else. We cover all of the costs associated with this transaction and we’ll even pay your back taxes (if any).

Keep in mind that these are no-obligation offers. We understand that people may value their properties differently than we do, and that’s ok. We want this to be a win-win for both of us.
No – This is what makes us unique. We are not agents or brokers; we buy properties for our own investment purposes. There are NO FEES associated with any of our services. We make our money on the back end of deals, after we acquire from you.
We will always use a local title/escrow company or a local notary to close these deals. Many times it’s easier for us to just draft a new deed and send a mobile notary to your house to get the documents signed. Sometimes it’s easier to just hire a local title and escrow company to lead the transaction. Regardless, none of these costs will be passed on to you. It’s our goal to make this process as smooth as possible. In the end, we want the same thing – your property in exchange for our money. We do what makes the most sense.
We prefer to buy directly from the owners in order to avoid realtor fees. Realtors typically expect large commissions (sometimes up to 10% on vacant land) and we like to avoid those fees. We also understand that some people hire a realtor to sell their property. So, we’re reasonable and willing to make a deal. However, at the end of the day, the transaction and numbers must make sense for us.
We’ve dealt with many, many of these situations. Most of the time, it’s the case that someone has inherited a property from a deceased relative. In these cases, it’s necessary for us to make sure that whoever currently has control of the property has the right to sell it. So, we work with title companies to get the proper documentation in order to finalize the sale. Oftentimes, it’s just a matter of proving that you are the executor of the estate and then signing a few documents attesting to that fact. All of these situations are workable and are not deal killers. Let us know what your specific situation is and we’ll help you through the process.
We are investors and are buying solely for that purpose. Because of this, we cannot pay top market value for your property. In this process, we have reached out to you to sell, and are paying all costs associated with the sale. You have not needed to market this property. You did not need to work with a real estate agent, find a title company, nor do many of the other necessary items involved with selling a property. We have taken on the time and aggravation of these things. In short, we can offer you a trouble-free, all cash sale with none of the time and money costs of trying to sell the property yourself.
Our goal is to purchase your property before the scheduled escrow date. However, please understand that we have two considerations on our end. First, we’ve found that many unexpected situations often arise that can make it difficult to close quickly – multiple owners on a deed, all of whom need to sign documents; unexpected liens on properties that need to be addressed; deceased owners who need to be taken off the deed; title issues from decades ago that cloud the title; and many more. And so we’ve learned through experience to perform a thorough investigation and give ourselves time address any issues that may arise. Second, we purchase 1-2 properties per week so it’s largely a matter of putting properties into a queue for closing, and then closing them in that order.
Before we give you a check, we want a clean deed to your property. And you want to receive a check before you sign over the deed to your property. We accomplish this by using neutral third parties to help you and us complete the transaction. Their job is to ensure that everything is done correctly before the deed and the check exchange hands.

Escrow Company: the escrow company performs the title research, works with us and you to resolve any issues, prepares all the documents, and collects all of the required signatures. We pay the escrow company for your property and when they have everything they need from you, they release the funds to you via bank wire or certified check. Finally, the escrow company records all of the required documents with the county. Don’t worry, you don’t need to physically travel to the escrow office. They can do everything via notaries, documents overnighted to/from you, etc. Since using an escrow company can be expensive (about $1000-1500, depending on the complexity of the transaction) we use them for higher value properties.

Mobile Notary: for less expensive properties, we use our in-house staff to perform the title search and prepare the documents. We then schedule a mobile notary to meet you at your convenience. The mobile notary will verify your identity as the person authorized to sign the deed and then notarize your signature. When that is complete, the notary will give you a certified check, mail everything back to us and our staff records the documents with the county. Our cost for all of this is about $400-500.

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