How It Works

Step 1 – Submit Your Land Info for Evaluation

Simply fill out the form on our website and we’ll begin our evaluation process. We ask that you include your Owner ID number (located in the bottom right corner of the letter you received). This will prevent you from having to enter in a lot of information that we already have on the property.

Step 2 – We send you a no-obligation, cash offer.

We will complete a high-level evaluation of the property to ensure that it meets our buying criteria. If it does, then we will send you a no-obligation, cash offer.

Step 3 – Send Us Back the Signed Purchase Agreement

You can email or mail this back to us. At this point, we will begin our deep dive Due Diligence. We will contact the County to understand if there are any issues that could cloud the title, if there are any back taxes, if there are any issues with the property, and a variety of other items. If this all checks out, then we will proceed with the process.

Step 4 – Closing

Once we’re confident that there are no major issues with the property, then we will schedule a closing date with a local escrow company or we will draft the deed in-house and use a local notary to close the transaction for us. Once we’ve received back all of the necessary paperwork, then we will send you a check. It’s that simple!


Once we receive your initial interest in selling your property, we typically send a written offer within 7-10 business days. After we receive back your signed agreement, then we can close in as little as 7-14 days. However, many times we will include extra time in the agreement so that we can account for any delays that are outside of our control. For example, many counties and cities have small support staffs and they don’t a) have the info we need, or b) don’t respond in a very timely fashion. It’s often very difficult to get the full story from a County, so we must be persistent. Many times we will need to conduct some extra surveys on the property, talk with local utility districts, or other local authorities to fully understand what we’re buying. It’s our goal to close as quickly as possible, but we also must take into account all of the factors and build in some extra time.

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